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Welcome to Poelking Chiropractic.




     Please look around and get to know us. A tour of our website will tell you more about why chiropractic works, who we are and what services and programs we offer. We'll let you hear from our patients and share tips with you to improve and maintain good spinal health.


     Good spinal health requires an ongoing commitment to back fitness and staying updated on the latest news in spinal health.  Check back with us monthly to find links to spinal health articles and video clips that will inform and help you live with a great quality of life.


      If you have any questions or want more information than you found on our site, please remember you can click on our "Contact Us" tab that can always be found on the upper left hand side of the page.  Write us and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have or to schedule an appointment for you to see our doctor.




Why Choose Chiropractic Care from                     Poelking Chiropractic Wellness and Physical Therapy?


    As patients grow frustrated with main stream medicine and its one-size-fits-all approach, natural healthcare methods like chiropractic care has become the most popular natural healthcare choice in the United States.


     Growing numbers of patients appreciate the holistic approach that chiropractic takes when treating illness or injury of the body.  Our treatments are always pain-free, non-invasive, safe and effective.  We work with the body to allow it to heal naturally and safely.  When you think about it, even as advanced as medicine is no one has been able to improve on the body's natural ability to heal itself.  At Poelking Chiropractic, we recognize this and work to give it the best chance for success.   


     Conditions that respond favorably to our interventions include slipped, bulging, herniated discs, disc degeneration disease, sciatica, spinal stenosis, arthritis of the spine, carpal tunnel syndrome and headaches as well as injuries to the neuro-musculo-skeletal systems.  Poelking Chiropractic brings the latest proven techniques and non-surgical spinal decompression to you in a quiet, safe and peaceful environment for you to heal and get well.

    Just as you have many choices in family physicians, there are many chiropractors to choose from as well. They can be as diverse and varied in their approach to their practice as medical doctors.  This makes choosing the right chiropractor very important.  I invite you to schedule a consultation/examination with me to discuss your needs.  You can tour our facility and decide if Poelking Care is right for you.  You can call or click on the "CONTACT US" tab on the left of this page to schedule an appointment.

    Before you do,  allow me to tell you a little more about WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE DO and WHAT WE BELIEVE:

  • Poelking Chiropractic Wellness & Physical Therapy was founded over 17 years ago and since then has become the area's leader in FDA-Cleared Spinal Decompression treatments that have helped thousands get free from pain medications, avoid surgery and get back to living life again. 

  • We take the time to listen to our patients and take their complaints seriously. Given how busy family practice physicians are at watching patient's blood pressures, cholesterol, and blood sugars, is it any wonder that they tend to discount their patients' complaints of back-pain?


  • There is no cookie cutter approach to patient care here!  All of our treatment programs are individualized for each patient's specific condition and their abilities.


  • We want to know what we are treating.  We're always concerned when someone offers a solution when they haven't taken the time to discover the problem!  At Poelking Chiropractic, we do not take your back pain for granted.  We'll do the necessary studies to find what is causing your problem and present you with a clear and precise diagnosis before we suggest any treatment options.


  • You deserve a safe and comfortable place to heal and be treated.  We have a  safe, clean facility staffed with friendly, well-trained team members to ensure your comfort and best results.


  • We stay current on all proven advances that will bring you a better outcome. Our training never stops.


  • Our therapies are always gentle, safe, effective and pain-free.


  • We work with your physician to get you the best outcome. When needed we will consult with your physicians regarding findings we have made and treatment plans.  While we offer very effective programs for patients seeking better back health, we will not treat you in a vacuum.  Therefore, we often work closely with area physicians to ensure your best outcome.


  • Where does you doctor go when he encounters back pain?  Often their first call is to us.

    Healthcare is changing rapidly and we change with it.  We are committed to bring the Miami Valley the latest proven advances in chiropractic treatments.  As a result we have one of the areas most advanced and largest facilities.  We are the areas most experience provider of true FDA-cleared lumbar spinal decompression.  And we just increased our capabilities by adding FDA-cleared cervical spinal decompression. Our staff is continuously updating their skills to provide the latest advances to help you heal and get back on your feet with a spring in your step.

    I invite you to bring us your tired, sore back to see what we can do for you.

    Experience the Difference Poelking Care Can Make for You.




    T. J. Poelking, D.C.

    Clinic Director


Learn more about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to serving you!

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