I Dont Treat Pain

​I was recently asked by someone if I treat sciatic pain. I told the patient, " I do not". He had a surprised look on his face and said he thought all chiropractors treat leg pain. I told him that may be the case, but as a chiropractor, I don't treat symptoms. I don't even treat neck, lower back or leg pain. I treat what CAUSES back or leg pain. Not the symptom. When I do that, the pain goes away. He smiled as the words sank in.

If I treat neck or lower back or leg pain, then I am no different than a family doctor, except in the manner in which I treat it. Everything happens for a reason. And pain is no different. Pain, which is the symptom, is the body letting us know that something is wrong. As a chiropractor, it is my job to detect what it is that is causing the symptom (pain) and then determine if I can fix it. If I can, I work with my patient's to get their back healthy and as a result, the pain is greatly diminished or gone. Treating pain is masking the problem. I think I can help you be healthier and enjoy your back longer by treating the cause. Don't you?

So, do we see patients that come to our office for relief of their back, neck and/or leg PAIN? Absolutely. But every patient is educated on what the CAUSE of their PAIN is and given a plan to correct it.

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