Digital Motion XRAY

Poelking Chiropractic offers an advancement in x-ray diagnostics that most hospitals don't have!

The type of x-ray most of us are familiar with are individual pictures of bones, joints, etc. The pictures don't move. As a result all they can really reveal is if the bone or tissue appears to be intact or healthy. Standard x-rays reveal little if anything about the function the the joint or surrounding tissue. That is where our digital x-ray is a clear advancement over static x-ray photography.

With Digital Motion X-Rays we can spot problems that are missed with traditional x-ray equipment. This diagnostic device can allow us to see areas affected by misalignments or weakened muscles. This allows us to better determine the cause of your pain and to correctly treat it.

While you might think a weakened muscle is not a big deal, if it leads to pressure on a nerve pain and decreased nerve function may result. Left untreated this may develop into a permanent injury. Did you know that the weight of a dime on a nerve can reduce its function by 50% and result in severe pain?