IDD Therapy Treatment

IDD Therapy® Treatment

What is IDD Therapy® Treament?

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is a precise, computer-controlled, advanced form of spinal decompression therapy used to open the disc space between targeted vertebrae to alleviate the pain caused by disc compression and degeneration. Compressed discs (also known as bulging, slipped, ruptured, prolapsed, or herniated discs) are the root cause of many issues that affect our bodies – not just the neck and back, but also arms, legs, and extremities.

How IDD Therapy goes beyond other decompression therapy options

By utilizing dynamic energy applied at differentiating levels of the spine to administer gentle motion (mobilization) during treatment to relieve pressure, IDD Therapy® is a more effective bulging and herniated disc treatment, degenerative disc treatment, sciatica treatment – in short, a better treatment option for most causes of lower back pain.

IDD Therapy treatment is ONLY administered using the Accu-SPINA® system. Both IDD Therapy and the Accu-SPINA were developed and advanced by neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, PTs, and other healthcare professionals, for the non-surgical resolution of back and neck pain. After decades of use, and millions of treatments, we are proud to say that IDD Therapy has maintained an exemplary safety record and outstanding success rates.

What makes IDD Therapy® dramatically more effective than basic spinal decompression therapy?

By combining technology with the science of biomechanics, we have developed a treatment to enable clinicians to target individual spinal segments, both lumbar and cervical, which gently creates space in the vertebrae surrounding an injured disc. Precise cycling from active to passive tensions enable the Accu-SPINA® to deliver graduating neuromuscular re-education to spinal structures and surrounding tissues while decompressing and rehydrating the disc.

In technical terms, during the treatment, the intradiscal pressure is reduced from a positive to a negative pressure. This negative pressure may induce a flow of water, oxygen and nutrients into the vertebral disc area to promote improvement in disc health.

Using the Accu-SPINA® system, IDD Therapy® treatment delivers a highly effective and effortless physical therapy session for the patient.

A hallmark of our approach is that we continually evaluate the potential & capabilities of the Accu-SPINA system, applying the latest advancements in technology and medicine to consistently deliver the best outcomes for patients.

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What does IDD Therapy® feel like?

During a treatment, you may feel a slight stretch-like motion or movement of the bed under you, which is often accompanied by a sensation of relief in the region of your pain.

While some patients do experience immediate improvement after the first session, some may begin to feel their pre-treatment discomfort return or even increase slightly. This can occur because your spinal structures are unaccustomed to a full range of movements.

As with a new exercise regimen, the soreness will subside after subsequent treatments and the duration of relief between treatments will last longer and longer- even as you increase physical activity at home.

How many treatments will it take?

The number of treatments will be determined by the treating therapist. The Accu-SPINA® may be used to provide short courses of treatment, though many patients require a series of 20 - 30 treatments ( takes approximately 1 hour, with 25 minutes on the Accu-SPINA®) to achieve the best result.