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CHIROTHIN Introducing: Doctor Supervised CHIROTHIN Weight Loss Program

​Excess weight is a major factor in spinal health issues. Losing weight is the goal of many, but few know how to effectively and safely lose weight and keep it off. We have partnered with CHIROTHIN to bring you a real weight loss program for "real" people. It is physician supervised, safe and every effective.

Our experience has shown that losing even a few pounds can greatly improve one's overall and spinal health. If your weight is causing you back problems or if you just want to improve your health. Call us for to make an appointment to be evaluated. For more information, you can follow this link: ChiroThin Weight Loss

Hydromassage​Introducing: Hydromassage!

You may have been on a massage table in the past. But nothing is like Hydromassage! Sit back as 20 gallons of heated water massage your entire backside. From the base of your skull to your ankles, hydromassage has you covered! Stay dry and clothed while the soothing warmed water massages at the pressure you control. Want just your lower back massaged? No problem. You control the area and pressure.

So stop by and tour the office and receive your FREE DEMO on the hydromassage!